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Aubrih and kids

Anonymous said:
Do you like Rihanna? And Aubrih? You should write some Aubrih stories!


I really don’t like Rih, don’t get me wrong I fuck with like 5 songs shes done over the course of her career and yes she a bad bitch but I dont fuck with her. 

And its not because of Drake I dont like her, its because of Chris. Like I used to be and still sorta am a die hard Chris Brown fan and all the shit he had to go through and is still going through because of her irks me.

Now I don’t condone a man putting his hands on a women but I do believe that sometimes females will push a nigga to the edge thinking he wont hit her and a good hit upside the head won’t do no harm.

To me Rihanna had to do something or say something to Chris to make him pop off and beat her ass. Theres no way around it and I know niggas, niggas just don’t beat a female ass for no fucking reason. Especially somebody like Chris who had everything to lose from beating her. But imma leave that topic alone.

As for Aubrih, I think they compliment each other to an extinct but I think he looks better with Nicki, that ain’t never gon change. 

And Honestly the only reason I don’t support Aubrih is because I don’t wanna see Drake have to go through what Chris has been going through for the last couple of years. Like yea Drake may not seem like he would hit a bitch but think did anyone ever think Chris would hit a bitch? Never say never.

Besides all it seems to me is a messy ass love triangle. LIke Rih can’t have Chris anymore cuz hopefully he finally done with her and is sticking to Kae, cuz they made cute. Drake and Nicki went through something that clearly broke them up at one point so she went to Sb maybe i don’t know though. Drake and Rih just using each other cuz they cant have want they actually want. He’s even saying it in the songs, but thats just MY opinion.

And to write a story about them I would have to actually absorb and get into the relationship and like them together but I don’t so I could never write about them.

Lol sorry for the rant anon but hopefully I answered your questions haha!

dumbest shit ever written

hautepreneur said:
I loved the article you wrote (Hypocrisy or Hate). I think you should submit to Global Grind or Madame Noire (or any other high profile blog) and see if you can get it published. Fantastic job. Bravo!

im so late seeing this but thank you.

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